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Exercise does not help the lungs and heart.Running no matter what you may have been told,primarily trains and conditions the muscles. Leg muscles Can improve as much as 300% in work capacity with minimal changes in heart capability. Exercise does not prevent heart disease. Heart disease is a systematic bodily illness. The elimination of processed foods and drugs can cure heart disease. Running has little effect on the wellness of the heart.


Reasons for Exercise

.Decreases stress

.Increases selfesteem

.Increase digestion

.Increases oxygen supply to cells

.Relives tension

.Relives constipation

.Increases flexibility of muscles and bones

.Decreases depression

.Increase sexual energy

.Increases the efficiency of the body

.Helps burn fat

.Increases creativity

.Increases endurance

Exercise Tips

      .Exercising all muscle groups or the whole body at one time is a more healthy holistic workout for fitness, rather than the fragmented and isolated work outs of fitness trainers, gym body toning exercise and body building

       .Schedule time daily to do light workouts or light exercise. On your days off from work,exercise. Acquire more knowledge about nutrition,African culture and spirituality and consciousness

         .Drink atleast 2 glasses of water one to 2 hours before you workout.

          .To prevent the loss of muscle during exercise,eat a small whole grain carbohydrate meal within 2 hours after you work out.

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