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Breast  Cancer


The breast glands contains fatty tissue, milk ducts, lymph vessels and lobes, which rest on the chest muscles and intercoastal muscles of the ribs. The breasts are subject to the same diseases that affect all muscles, blood vessels and hardening of the arteries. The lymph glands absorb impurities in the blood such as waste and cancer. Breast can get impacted with waste and become inflamed and/or develop cysts as well as tumors. Cancerous malignant tumors of the breast are a leading cause of death. A breast lump that does not move freely are usually non-cancerous. 


There are various types of breast cancer. Cancer cells within ducts are called Intraductal Carcinoma. The cancer may not spread to surrounding tissue. Lobular, adenoid, tubal, medullary and cystosarcoma cancers are not dominant types. The major type is infiltrating, ductal cancer. It spreads to all surrounding tissue. Woman become aware of cancer when a lump is found or mammogram test indicates it. Cancer lumps are firm, usually painless and never move or change texture or go away. A clear bloody or yellow discharge from the nipple is usually a sign of cancer in non pregnant woman. Cancer can spread to the nipples from another region of the breast. Cancer can cause itching, a rash, soreness and inflammation. In inflammatory cancer, the cancer tumors fill the blood vessels and lymph tissues. 

The Skin becomes red, tender to touch and thickens. This cancer strikes quickly because it is constantly nourished by blood and lymph vessels. Men are currently having an increase in breast cancer. They usually do not examine their nipples or the surrounding areas for lumps or changes. Therefore, the breast cancer is usually far advanced before it is medically detected.


Supplement                        Suggested  Dosage                    Remark

Digestive Enzyme            Take with meals, as directed Helps digestion. vital

Multiple Vitamin and         Take with meals. 100 mg      nutrients. B vitamins

Mineral Niacin(B2)             daily                                   improve circulation,build

                                                                                    red blood cells and help

                                                                                    liver function.

Choline                           500-1000 mg daily                Increases nourishment 

                                                                                    to breast.

Calcium                          2,000 mg daily                      Stabalizes health tissue

Magnisium                      1000 mg daily                       Enhances cleansing

Carnitine                         500-4,000 mg                       Helps to protect the skin 

                                                                                    in post mastectomy and 

                                                                                    the x ray treated patient.

Megadophilus (milk free)

or  Maxidophilus or               As directed                     Provides an antibacterial

Primadophilus                                                              effect on the body.

Vitamin A and E              50,000-100,000 IU. Vitamin  Vitamin A is essential to

                                       A daily for 10 days or for as  immunity. Vitamin E 

                                       long as on program.Start      deficiency is associated

                                       with 400 IU Vitamin E daily.  with breast cancer. 

                                       Increase to 1,000 IU.            Vitamin E helps balance


Vitamin B                        100 mg 3 times daily            B vitamis are vital for 

                                                                                    normal cell division and

                                                                                    function. Helps to

                                                                                    produce estrogen


Garlic capsules                  2 Capsules 3 times daily   improves immune


Germanium                        200 mg daily                     Enhances immunity 

                                                                                     and cellular

                                                                                    oxygentation. Inhibits 

                                                                                    cancer growth

Proteolytic                      2-6 tablets with meals.          Helps rid bodies of 


Selenium                        200 mg daily                         Helps rid body of 


Seaweed or Kelp             5 tablets daily                       For mineral balance     

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