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                     Menstruation is not normal

Menstruation is not normal in healthy woman. Menstruation is the hemorrhaging and flow of fresh blood. Hemorrhaging, wether it occurs in the brain, eyes, lungs or uterus, is not normal. Wholistically, Black African woman on a diet of natural foods do not menstruate. Anthropological studies on African women have verified that ancient African women did not menstruate.

Wholistic women follow natural breeding cycles. These natural breeding cycles have strict laws. Ancient African women did not have sexual intercourse while pregnant or while breastfeeding or menstruating. Breast feeding traditionally lasted from 3-5 years. sexual Intercourse while pregnant  causes the body to alter its nutrient and hormone level.This alters the ability to create healthy cells for the baby's body. Sexual intercourse at night is abnormal and out of cycle and weakens the sex organs health. No animal or insect that eats during the day light hours has sex at night. Sex during the daylight hours follows the circadian rhythm of the body.  Nighttime sex exploits the female emotionally and spiritually and contributes to the hemorrhaging called menstruation. The vaginal fluid dis-charge (not vaginal lubercation for sex) of the female causes menstruation. Vaginal dis-charge is very high in hormones, vitamins and minerals. It is a highly concentrated mixture equal to the nutritional concentration of semen. The nutrition that is lost due to this milky discharge cause the endometium tissue to lose its vitality and deteriorate, This cellular deterioration is know as hemorrhaging and is commonly called menstruation.

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