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In African culture puberty is a phase of a spiritual,mental and physical growth. In Caucasian culture, puberty is the juvenile male and female becoming fertile. Puberty is a word derived from the French language and it means grown up. During puberty, boys between ages 14 and 18 years start to have the ability to ejaculate sperm and girls between ages 12 and 14 start to ovulate and menstruate. During puberty, the boys voice lowers, facial, underarm and genital hair starts to grow. The male hormone cycle starts to influence moods, behaviors and thoughts.

In uncircumcised boys, then penis foreskin protects the penis head and secrets a moist fluid,which lubricates the penis head. This fluid increases during intercourse. There is no medical or health hygenic validation for the surgical butchering called circumcision is a religious and/or cultural ritual. In some cultures, females are circumcised. In any case, girls in puberty start to grow mammae (breast), larger labia (vaginal lips), underarm hair, more fatty tissue under the skin and the hips (pelvis) expand. The pubescent growth is physically caused by sex hormones. Sex hormones are made by the ovaries, testicles and adrenal glands. These hormones stimulate and cause growth.

The sex hormones cause fertility and spiritual,mental, emotional and physical changes. The spiritual, mental and emotional energies increases and fluctuates and changes in order to help the wholistic transition into adulthood. Adolesence or pubescence is the wholistic, hormal and cyclical preparation for adult hood. Rites of passage rituals, ceremonies and academic classes that teach Maat, the human cycle, Male/Female Relationship, proper sexual intercourse, obligations to the village, ancestors, children, and your mate, spiritual duty, mental duty and physical duty were strctured holistically. The purpose of the rites of passage is to transmit and translate Maat culture.

Herbs & Health

      The male/female child , in puberty, requires specific nutrition and sex hormone balance.A natural foods diet is the optimum diet for this growth phase. This diet requires the complete elimination of synthetic foods,perservatives,conservatives,soaps,toothpastes and deodarants and should include the use of cotton underwear. The female child should use the unbleached sanitary napkin, not tampons. Tampons cause the reabsorption of decomposed flesh and take moisture out of skin of the labias and vagina, causing skin disease. Additionally, the girl should be given herbs such as red rasberries leaves,chaste,black cohosh,wild yam,catnip,saw palmetto,false unicorn,don quai,damiana,cramp bark,bayberry,gotu kola,rosemary,ginger, and lady slippery.

Wholistic Female/Male Puberty


The male child should be given herbs like maca, Muira puama,tribulus,dopa bean,saw palmetto,pygeum, wild yam,fo-ti,gotu kola,gingseng,damiana,yohimbe,echinacea,sarsaparilla,catnip,goldenseal, and rosemary. Progesterone Crema/lotion can be applied to bony areas in order to correct hormone imblances caused by junk foods, meat eggs,diary,commercial fruits and vegetables. Supplements can aid passage into pubescence. Supplements such as pregnenolone,vitamin E,C,A,D,and B complex,histidine,coenzyme Q10, vanadyl sulfate,lipoic,wheat germ oil,kelp,selenium,calcium,potassium,magnesium,Manganese and iron are benificial for puberty. Ideally, the childs puberty education should start before the puberty transition starts. It should be viewed as the Maat training of the new ancestors and elders of the society.

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