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Computer    Radiation


The body is composed of minerals, electricity,magnitism,melanin and various biochemical substances. It has specific ratios of frequencies, electromagnitism, pressure, pH, and fluid volumes tempetures it maintains in order to be healthy.When the body is subjected to harsh bombardments of cancer causing  synthetic radiation from computers, xrays, electric blankets, appliances, hair dryers, subway trains, radios, air planes,cell phones,satalite dishes,electronic games,smoke detectors,televisions, cars, loud music,printers,moniters,radar devices,building materials, medical radiation therepies,cooling fans,microwaves,grocery store price scanners,oil storage tanks,etc.

Radiation can cause cancer,blood clots,stress,boredom,headaches,

cataracts,fatigue,neck aches,repetitive strain injury,discharges,shoulder pain,skin rashes, eye blink rate alteration,electricity hyper sensitivity,mood swings,sleep disturbance,obesity,irritability,eating disorders,rigidity in thought sequence,dizziness,nausea,etc.

The bodys cells communicate with natural electrical and magnetic pulses. The synthetic radiation congest the cells or over heat them causes crrystallization and in flexibility, which decreases their life span and your quality of life. Excess synthetic electrical or magnetic energy overloads the wiring of the body and interrupts communications betweencells,tissues and organs. This can result in static cling of radiation. Africans, with their high level of melanin, absorb the highest amounts of toxic radiation plus they develop synthetic electromagnetic cling. The high amounts of radiation from machines alters the rythmaticity and cyclic nature of the body causing disease of rythmacity. Metals worn by melanin dominate Africans amplify and absorb the radiation and raise it to higher levels of danger. Metals, such as jewlery,watches,eye glasses,false teeth, mercury fillings, beepers and zippers multiply the radiation levels in the body. Radiation,like all synthetics is addicting. For example, a person asleep with the telivision on will awaken when it is turned off. Turning of the telivision takes away the radiation drug fix radiation addiction. This causes electromagnagnetic disruptions in the sleep pattern. In the body, radiation can turn into an addicting chemical. 

Synthetic radiation congests the cells, tissues,organs and nerves. It over rides the conscious filtering system of the brain and goes directly into the brain with undecoded information, thoughts and emotions. The nervous systems electromagnetic safety level is violated. Nerves over heat, which wears away the nerves insulation causing oversensitivity,numbing,tingling sensationand fraying of nerves. Electromagnetic charges get stored in the bones, which congest them. The over heating of the nerves causes them and muscles around them to dehydrate. This results in the muscle getting pickled and they lose elasticity,plus they drain the body of energy and natural electromagnetism causing fatigue.  Synthetic radiation can reduce the oxygen in the body and weaken immunity. The cells get congested with synthetic radiation and their moisture evaporates causing a build up of carbon dioxide and a reduction in oxygen. The radiation increases the aging of the body and can cause genetic mutation. The best defense is constant nutritional defense by using the following supplements


            Herbs            &           Food              

Barberry, Burdock, Chaparral, 

Dandelion root,Echinacea, fever

few, Golden seal, Milk Thistle,

oregon Grape, Pokeweed, Red

Clover, Sassafras, Worm wood

Asparagus,Avocado,Barley,Beets,Broccli,Cabbage,Collard Greens,Eggplant,Jack fruit,Kale

Mango,Mushrooms,Oranges,Papaya,Peaches,Peas,Raw peanuts,Rice,Romaine Lettuce,soy beans, Tomatoes, Turnip Greens, Yams

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