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Should We Eat Food


Breathatarian Concepts

In chemistry, physics, and biology, it is understood that only God can create life and energy.

Energy is in the atom. Trees do not eat dirt for energy and atoms do not eat food for energy. All things are composed of atoms. You do not need to eat food. The atoms of energy are electromagnetic and biochemical. A positive and negative atom rubbing together generates electromagnetic and biochemical energy. Food stimulates the atom to spin fast or slow. The food atoms cause the bodys atoms to lose their synchronized spin; the body atoms are capable of adapting. The current diet and social situation of africans is an adaption to white supremacy. The Africans life is not the normal African life. It is It is a dysfuntional life and not normal. The current biochemical and electromagnetic behaviors of atoms is an adaption that is erroneously assuumed to be normal. For example, the ice age caused the land in Europe to freeze. This freezing destroyed vegetation and contributed to the Caucasian canibals using animal meat for food. The Caucasians dietary adaption eventually became normal diet. Caucasian scientist justify their scavenger diet as optimum, despite scientific proofs that humans can exist as vegetarians and despite proofs that atoms do not eat food for energy. The atoms that compose the skin, nerves, brain, bones and organs are wholistic and use another source of energy. Thoughts create thoughts, emotions create emotions, energy generates energy. Energy is already in the atoms, the atom didnt creat it self. It was created with its god given energy supply.


Food was  used as an offering to the holy spirit (Human body). Food has mental and spiritual intelligence.The Atoms that compose the tissue of the plants are spiritual.Digestion seperates the foods spirit and mind from the tissue of the food so that the bodies Atom can use it. The ancient carnoptic jars have figures and paintings on them that indicate the spirit and intelligence of the food lessens the vitality of the body. Today, the spirit and intelligence of the organs are not used because the Caucasians have forced Africans to belive that organs (atoms) are only a physical structure. Africans no longer have the cultural program needed to acess their own intelligence or their spiritual relationship to food, organs and atoms. Eating earth minerlas in plants and/or animal minerlas cause the life span of humans to decrease. The minerals (electrolytes) are stressors. They rust (oxidize) the cells and atoms.Oxidizing ages the cells and atoms destroys immunity, causes disease and eventually death. All religious books (Indian, Chinese, African,Incas,European) indicate that humans lived up to 400 to 1000 years of age. Humans once grew 10-25 feet tall. Ancient Africans fast and used whole foods spiriyually and as part of rituals and ceremonies. Food is passive. The digestive system acts upon the food; food does not act upon the body cells (atoms). The body action upon food is called energy.

The stomach is a protrusion of the pipe. It is not to seperate organ like the heart. The stomach is not technically classified as inside the body. The stomch is bulging out of a hollow tube that runs from the mouth to the anus. The tube is inside the body. It is protected similar to the way the skin on the hands, arms, legs, chest, etc. We do not think of our skin eating food. Particles of food are sucked into the blood by the straw like hair blood, they are electromagnetically and by smell guided to where they are needed. The food atoms cause an imbalance and the body reaction to the imbalance is called energy. The practice of eating animal flesh is dyfunctional.They used a science myth to define the hollow tube called the stomach as an organ and/or gland is questionable. In anycase the spirit and mental energy of food excites the bodys cells in a negative or positive manner and does not give or create energy. Humans are not created by food nor are humans the ancestors of food, and they can not be uncreated by food. Food stimulate energy already present in the body. In ancient dietic practices, food was used to excite the energy the body accumalated after fasting. The ancient Wholistic African could move the spirit and intelligence of the bodys atoms and generate energy. This is called free will. Willing the atoms to move means food is not necessary. Spirit does not need food. Spirit manifest mind and mind manifest the body. The key to energy is spirituality. The spirituality of our biochemical and electromagnetic body can only be accessed with the African Maat cultural program. The program that we were taught by our Caucasian brothers it deprograms the African biochemistry, spirit and intelligence and creates a diseased and culturally castrated African. Atoms are spirits seeking higher levels and by passing through the human body (as food) they hope to obtain it. It is their spirit that wants communion with a spirit. Read proper food of man by J.Smith they raise this subject.

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