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Herbs For Disease pt3

Gray Hair-Boil 8tbsp. Henna and 1 ounce of sage in 1 quart of water. Let cool and rinse hair.Apply 1 ounce of sage oil mixed with 2 pints of almond oil

Mildew-Soak mildewed clothes in sea salt and vinegar solution,then dry

Refrigerator Freshner-Put Lemon and orange peels into an open container with apple halves and sprinkle with charcoal powder

Wrinkles-Mix Tormentil and aloe vera gel and apply. Massage Aloe vera oil into area. Apply L-Lysine Cream,Pau D'Arco or Primose oil is effective for all types of skin problems.

Disinfectant-Basil, Myrrh and Frankincense in vinegar and sprinkle in room

Cigarette Smoke- Fill a small pot full of vinegar. Add baking soda and put in area.


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