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The Deck Of Cards


The caucasians have reduced the deck of cards to


a play toy. They are African in orgin and had the


symbolism of Egyptian Tarot cards and African


astrology and spirituality.The cards were used to


teach astrology,


astronomy,mathmatics,divining,spirituality and to


diagnose and treat diseases.


Two colors

Red and Black; active and passive;positive and negative;Male principle and Female principle

Masculine signs: Aries,Leo,Libra,sagittarius,Aquarius

Feminine signs: Taurus,Cancer,Virgo,Scorpio,Capricorn,pisces

Hearts,Clubs,Diamonds,Spades; the 4 elements fire,water,air,earth;the 4 seasons

12 court cards    

52 cards 13 cards in each suit

value of numbers

The Joker

fire signs
earth signs 
air signs
water signs


Kings, Queens,Jacks; the 12 months of the year

The 52 weeks of the year.

The 12 zodiac signs and the sun;the body of


osiris that was cut into 13 peices(dis-


membered,so we must re-member)

7 and 9. The number 7 is the center of each


suit. Ancients belive there were 7


planets.They are heavenly forces 7 planets


that that symbolize Chakras;Ma  at and the 7


halls of Osiris. There are 7 days to a week


. The number 9 as the last single number.


The cycle of experience; the number that


includes all planets; and is the highest digit.

After 9, there is 0 and the sequence starts


over with 1. There are 9 holes in the


body(umbilical navel hole is closed.

The remnant of days beyond the logical


seven times fiffty two, to total our required


365 1/4 days for the sun to travel in solar



The Joker is the highest symbol in the deck.


Usually pictured as fate in a fools clothes. It


is rejected or played wild in caucasian card


games. Its true significance is identical with


that of the 0 or fool card,in egyptian Tarot. It


symbolizes 1 day that is part element that


completes the earth's existence (365days).

Basic Characteristics of personality or Disease

  Hearts = Aries,Leo,Sagittarius


 Spades = Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn


 Diamonds = Gemini,Libra,Aquarius

 Clubs = Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Quality Of Personality or Disease


(Outgoing, initiators,illness)= Aries (Hearts),Cancer(Club),Libra(Diamond),Capricorn(Spade).


(resist change,originators,severe disease) = Taurus (Spade),Leo(Hearts),Scorpio(Club),Aquarius(Diamond)


flexible,versitile,healing is fast)=Gemini(Diamond),Virgo(Spade)Sagittarius(Heart),Pisces(Club)

Suit of Cards

The order corresponds to the seasons: Hearts,Clubs,Diamonds,Spades or Spring,Summer,Harvest,Winter.

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